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Financial Institutions

JSCB “NOVIKOMBANK” cooperates with partner Banks in frame of the Integrated Banking Services Program of “Bank for Banks” platform, which includes a wide range of banking services for domestic and foreign financial markets.

Positioning itself as the core bank of Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and CIS, JSCB “NOVIKOMBANK” is developing a single payment space for this region through the creation of a clearing platform. Over 500 LORO accounts have been opened, belonging to 150 banks in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries. More than 330 Master agreements on cooperation on the interbank market have been concluded. 130 NOSTRO accounts in 57 banks around the world have been opened, that allows to transfer payments in all high-demand currencies.

JSCB “NOVIKOMBANK” cooperates with Export Insurance Agencies of various countries. The Bank holds leading positions on the number of transactions and the amount of financing provided for the coverage of EXIAR. JSCB “NOVIKOMBANK” is also a leader in the syndicated and club loans market for CIS banks.

Services for financial institutions:

  • Settlements in rubles, hard currency and any currencies of the CIS countries (that is our unique competence). An extended operating day is set until 19.00 Moscow time. Interbank and client payments are transferred without commissions. Interest accrued on LORO-balances is up to 8.5% per annum in rubles and up to 0.5% per annum in foreign currency.
  • Establishment of correspondent relations. JSCB “NOVIKOMBANK” will be pleased to see your reputable bank among our correspondents. With correspondent NOSTRO accounts in leading foreign financial institutions, JSCB “NOVIKOMBANK” is ready to offer cooperation with your bank on beneficial terms, and to perform operations in various currencies;
  • Financing of export-import contracts of partner banks’ customers on comfortable terms. It is practicable to provide own liquidity on a bilateral basis for these purposes. It is possible to attract blank credit lines from the world's largest financial institutions, if necessary.
    JSCB “NOVIKOMBANK” has vast experience in arranging financing of short-term export and import operations (letters of credit, guarantees, pre-financing) and it offers services in the structuring of trade finance transactions in close cooperation with the largest foreign financial institutions.
  • A variety of Treasury operations allow to close FX-position for almost any pair of currencies or to hedge it with the help of swap deals by market quotes. We offer our own FX-platform. Having vast experience in the field and an impeccable business reputation, JSCB “NOVIKOMBANK” offers mutually advantageous cooperation on interbank, currency and equity markets.
  • Banknote operations (Russian ruble, US dollars, euro, Swiss francs, pounds sterling) - convenient forms of delivery (“door-to-door”), advantageous settlement terms, both for non-cash payments and deferred payment (within the limits set for Counterparty), flexible commission rates. In addition, CIS banks are provided with the option of lending under "money in transit".

JSCB “NOVIKOMBANK” offers the opportunity to jointly build mobile, high-quality and optimal solutions for customers.


Tatyana Dundukova
Head of International Business and Debt Financing Division
Tel.: +7 (495) 974-71-87, ext. 602
Fax: +7 (499) 238-08-89


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